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Beautymania Eyelash Training

Nominated for Best Lash Educator 2022 award at the official Lash Awards UK. I have been in the industry for 6 years now and over 2 years ago I decided to start my training academy after seeing a new for in-depth training that provide lots of hands on practise and most importantly ongoing student support. Now successful trained nearly 200 women to start their dream of becoming a lash boss!.

I have such a passion in helping women and this is what drove me to start my trainings. Seeing others succeed and start their dreams is the most rewarding feeling in the world!. 

I am dedicated to teach every bit of knowledge you may need to start in the lashing world. From theory to business tips to lots of practise on the day. My aim is that you leave feeling confident and supported on your journey. 

There are so many cheap training courses available which put you into a large group along with many other trainees. This means you get a limited amount of 1 on 1 time ( if any) and the information you are provided with is very basic (near to none...). You leave the training with minimal knowledge and lots of confusion. The practical element is so short and only requires you to stick on a few eyelashes in order to qualify (yes, you read right!). When you ‘qualify’, you feel overwhelmed, discouraged and are no where near ready to start. But I guess you get what you pay for… These courses won’t teach you how to properly fix mistakes, or avoid them which will require you to spend more money redoing another proper course. So, as you can see, proper training is a complete necessity within this industry. 

Whether you are looking to become a full time lash technician, looking for a way to earn some extra money or looking for flexible hours where you can earn more and work less then the lashing world is for you! 

Eyelash extensions have become the fastest growing beauty treatment and it's only getting bigger with more demand than ever for good lash techs, and adequate training is the key to success. 

JM.Beauty lash trainings are fully accredited and insurable so you can become a recognised Lash Artist! 

My courses have a  unique and individualised approach ensuring you will have a successful career with all the skills you need!. I also offer a free 1:1 post training if you wanted some extra help , I am here for my students and passionate about what I do. Your success is my priority ! . 

For a detailed outline on my courses please check the description section of each course on my online course store.

Eyelash Training: About Me
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